Mercury Slip Rings

Mercury slip ring use mercury as the conductive medium, also called electrical rotary joint, this series slip ring no need brush, can transfer all kinds of signal and high current power, No maintenance, better reliability than traditional slip ring.

This series slip ring are used for all kinds of rotating objects of signals like micro voltage, current,thermo couple,EMF,audio,video,strain gauge,high frequency etc and electric power connections.

  • Housing material is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel
  • Very low electric noise
  • Very low cost
  • Very low contact resistance(lass than 1mΩ)
  • No maintenance and better reliablity than traditional slip ring
  • Suitable for signal and power transfer of rotating devices or instruments
Model Poles Current Rating Voltage MAX Frequency(MHZ) Operating Temp Max/Min ℃ Operating Speed Contact Resistance Insulation Resistance Drawings
A1H25S 1 250A -- 200 -29°C~60°C 1200 <1mΩ -- PDF
A2H 2 30A 250 200 -29°C~60°C 1800rpm <1mΩ PDF
A3H 3 30A 250 200 -29°C~60°C 1200rpm <1mΩ PDF
A4H 4 30A 250 100 -29°C~60°C 300 <1mΩ PDF
A6H 6 30A 250 100 -29°C~60°C 300rmp <1mΩ >25MΩ PDF

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