Wind Turbine Slip Ring

The standard slip ring for all current wind turbines with electrical pitch system has been proven many thousands of times. Also this slip ring is designed in a compact and cost-efficient manner and can, because of its modular design, easily adapted to your specification. Auxiliary components such as heaters, encoder or fiber optical rotary joints can be integrated. This slip ring convinces with its maintainability and, above all, its reliability and long service life. The slip ring transfers field buses such as Ethernet, Profibus, CAN, etc. optimally

If you are interested in small or medium wind turbine slip ring, plese go into high current slip ring


  • Power & signal transmission
  • Maintenance free for 100 million revolutions
  • Heater for cold weather installations


  • Minimal wear debris generation
  • No lubrication required
  • High reliability

SRF Slip Ring Specfications

  • Signal

    24VDC / 1A/6A

  • Power

    400VAC / 50A

  • Power

    230VAC / 16A

  • Max. Operating Speed

    50 rpm

  • Insulation Resistance


  • Contact Resistance


  • Housing Material

    Aluminum alloy

  • Work Humidity

    10% to 85% RH

  • Rotational Range


  • Protect Level


  • Contact


  • Option


  • Option


  • Option

    Fiber optical rotary joints

  • CE Certified


  • Material

    RoHS compliant

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