Slip ring in Beijing Essen Exhibition

Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair (referred to as Beijing Essen) by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and the Welding Branch of the China Welding Association, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association Welder Branch, German Welding Society and co-sponsored exhibition in Essen, Germany, the first held since 1987, it has been 28 years of history, it is now one of the world's two major professional international welding exhibition. The 20th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair will be held from June,16th,2015 to June,19th,2015 in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Beijing Essen exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, covering more than 80 countries worldwide audience, covering almost all areas of manufacturing ships, construction machinery, rolling stock, oil, petrochemical, aerospace, water power and automation equipment exhibition by the global Internet, newspapers, magazines and other more than 80 media attention and coverage. And a wealth of industry supporting activities have been formed during the exhibition is a series of Chinese industry forum fixed, International Welding Forum, exhibitors and technological exchanges, and other industry work conference, exchange market, industry and technology to build a suitable platform for discussion for the welding industry.

Cosmau have become the only manufacturer of slip ring appear in the show, the main content of our exhibition is to provide our flagship product for welding equipment: Profibus, 24v signal, power hybrid transmission slip ring.During the exhibition, a new generation of slip ring attracted the attention of manufacturers from around the world, and received rave reviews. Throughout the show process, the stability of the slip ring transmission to increase the success of our customers show a beautiful style.