MP Series Rotary Union

Cosmau multiple passage rotary unions are available in 2, 3, 4, 6 ... 24 passage models. It is a convient design when you need pass more than one media in the rotating system. This series rotary unions use carbon-fiber impregated Teflon® seal technology, which are suitable for vacuum and bidirectional pressures up to 500 bar.

The standard and customized mount flange are available. In addition, the mutiple rotary unions can design a through hole for slip rings, its called electrical rotary joint.

  • Rotary joints and rotary unions allow the feed through of water, glycol, air, vacuum, coolant, MQL, hot oil, steam and a variety of other media
  • Rotary joints and rotary unions that can be configured for installation at the end of a shaft or around the shaft
  • This series rotary union can combine with electrical slip ring to hybrid transfer power and gas or others

More than 70% products belong to custom series. If you couldn't find suitable products, please feel free to contact us: [email protected] or our technical support: [email protected]. Thanks for your support!