Industry Bus Slip Rings

COB series slip ring is perfect for high speed data transfer, Support all kinds of field bus, such as Profibus, CanBus, CANOPEN, ProfiNET, DeviceNET, Etc. It also can combine with power and signal, shaft and flange mounting for your option.

  • Profibus,CAN-Bus, DeviceNet, Profinet, EtherCAT, Interbus, CC-LINK and so on
  • Special shield for inner structure
  • Super-strong capacity of anti-interference
  • Contact materials:Gold-on-gold contact which ensures abrasion resistant and anti-Oxidant for long working life
Model Thru-bore(mm) Power/signal Voltage AC/DC(V) OD(mm) Max.Speed(RPM) Drawings
COB00 --- Depends on your request 380 ø56 500 View More
COB112 12.7 Depends on your request 440 ø86 500 View More
COB125 25.4 Depends on your request 440 ø99 500 View More
COB138 38.1 Depends on your request 440 ø119 500 View More
COB150 50 Depends on your request 440 ø119 500 View More

This series slip ring belong to custom solutions. Please feel free to contact us: [email protected]. Thanks for your support!