HD-SDI / HDMI Slip Rings

HD-SDI interface is a digital video / audio interface technology, is dedicated interfaces for digital video transmission, it can transmit audio and video signals.

The HD-SDI/HDMI slip ring is a kind of digital video/audio connector technique,which is the specialized digital that is suitable for image,voice, viedo transmission.

  • 720p, 1080i, 1080p video transmission is possible
  • No data transmission error code and no loss
  • Other signals and current rings can be integrated inside
  • Advantaged foreign electroplating technique ensures super long life
  • The flange of dimension,outside diameter,direction can be customized as per request
Model Number of Circuits Rating Current Voltage OD(mm) Speed(RPM) Drawings
HD12 1HD-SDI + 12signal 2A 240V 22 0~250rpm View More
HD16 1HD-SDI + 16signal 2A 240V 22 0~250rpm View More
HD24 1HD + 24signal 2A 240V 22 0~250rpm View More
HD00-2 2 HD-SDI 2A 240V 22 0~250rpm View More
HD00-4 4 HD-SDI 2A 240V 22 0~250rpm View More
HD1265 1x HDMI 2A 240V 65 0~300rpm View More

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