Fiber optic rotary joint

Currently the optical fiber communication has become more and more popular and necessary due to increase of transmission rate in communication industry, and the fiber optic rotary joint(FORJ) can allows transfer fiber signal from the stationary to the rotating interface.

Cosmau company provides a variety of fiber optic slip ring products for your choice, these products have high speed, high transmission speed, anti-interference, high reliability, high protection level, long life and other characteristics. The fiber optic rotary jiont also called optic-electrical slip ring, and covers single mode or multi mode systems.

  • With reliabe performance, excellent quality and 360° any direction of rotation
  • Full closed structure
  • Capsule and through bore fiber optic rotary joints are available
  • Able to offer customized solutions
Model Fiber channel Power/Signal Wavelength Insertion loss(dB) Max Speed Drawings
GNF1 1 -- 650~1650nm <2dB 2000rpm View More
GNF2 2 -- 850~1550nm <5dB 100rpm View More
GNF3 3 -- 850~1550nm <5dB 100rpm View More
GNF4 4 -- 850~1550nm <5dB 100rpm View More
GNF1-S12 1 12x 2A 850~1310nm <2dB 250rpm View More
GNF1-S24 1 24x 2A 850~1310nm <2dB 250rpm View More
GNF1-S30 1 30x 2A 850~1310nm <2dB 250rpm View More

More than 70% products belong to custom series. If you couldn't find suitable products, please feel free to contact us: [email protected] or our technical support: [email protected]. Thanks for your support!