USB Slip Rings

The USB slip ring is designed for transmit the signal of USB1.0, USB2.0. With reliable transmition,no packet loss,no string of code,small return loss,low insertion loss etc.

As the high-definition video, TB class storage device appeared, USB2.0 slip ring has been widely used in rotating system to transfer high speed signal, the transmission rate of 480Mbps providing the best soutions for you to transfer data from a stationary to a rotate structure.

  • Can integrate various signal types transmition at the same time
  • Can combine with power
  • Standard USB connection
  • We can custom all kinds of slip ring as your requirements
Model USB Cable ID(mm) OD(mm) connectors Speed(RPM) Drawings
USB221 1 or 2 Solid 22 Standard TYPE A 250rpm View More
USB12 1 or 2 12.7 56 Standard TYPE A 300rpm View More
USB25 1 or 2 25.4 86 Standard TYPE A 300rpm View More
USB38 1 or 2 38.1 99 Standard TYPE A 300rpm View More
USB50 1 or 2 50.1 119 Standard TYPE A 300rpm View More

More than 70% products belong to custom series. If you couldn't find suitable products, please feel free to contact us: [email protected] or our technical support: [email protected]. Thanks for your support!