Foreign Strategy Of Slip Ring Enterprise

118th Session of China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou Pazhou Hall opened. During the fair, many exhibitors reflect the flow of people, whether or order volume compared with the previous decline was relatively large, foreign trade situation is still grim. In this case, the slip ring enterprise foreign strategy should be how to go?

Slip ring companies rely on products to sustain life, the more uncertain the situation to return to the beginning of the heart, the foundation of playing safe, no matter how precarious is not easy to be overthrown, and perhaps timely pause, introspection, precipitation will be a better choice. It should be commonplace for businesses, but how to return specific, naturally a matter of opinion. In my opinion, slip rings companies have their own core product, a clear positioning, increase the number of value-added things on the basis of constant prices. Cannot escape no matter how good the product is essentially marketing tools, the real needs of foreign buyers will be more willing to purchase sophisticated and value-added products, as long as doing better than others, it is sufficient based on the market.

In the current market environment, in order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, we need more community of interests, and your cooperation customers can say is your most loyal backing. When there is a crisis, cooperation newspaper group awareness is particularly important, and only together can more quickly find the way out of the difficulties. Slip ring business hard skills alone are difficult to buck the trend, it also requires us to go further, to interact with customers, understand the market, and thus the right remedy, this is one of the strategies adopted by many companies. Insiders said that to retain existing customers, it is necessary to go out, to understand the local market product line, particularly in North America, Europe, more interaction with them, so that businesses and customers closely aligned.

Brand early accumulation of customer resources can play a significant role, and more to foreign markets interact with the dealer to clear customer demand subsequently targeted product development.

A slip ring brand official said, will not choose the last offer to sell a product in many countries unified sales routine. In the capital chain permitting, according to different customers in different countries, provide some price advantage, quality advantage, design advantages, such as different types of products, such as Europe, will choose to sell high-end smart products mainly in Southeast Asia is based on the price for their flagship product, it is in accordance with the needs of different groups of people to increase their sales. Slip rings companies only make the appropriate adjustments, the choice of export strategy targeted to meet customer tastes more accurate, lower development costs.

I believe that with the continuous advance "along the way" strategy, will bring new impetus to China's foreign trade, the development of slip ring enterprises will be more smooth, and let us wait and see.