How Slip Ring Companies Manage Dealer

Elements of competitiveness of an enterprise, and channel resources occupancy can never be ignored. Good channel resources, is conducive to development and the stable and healthy development of the market enterprises. However, for the moment, slip ring industry channel distributors, "more is easy to chaos, strict management and easy death" were common occurrences. Slip ring makers how to solve this dilemma?

Business investment in the previous layout
Dealer layout front, investment in the post. Regional head of distribution channels throughout the region need to have a co-ordination of the layout, the dealer layout process, the need to achieve "more than chaos, tubes and die," the results, which test the wisdom of policy makers and courage.

Slip ring business decision-makers, before the investment, the dealer must be properly screened to establish a team of highly qualified distributors.

Core products with core distributors
Core product development and long-term relations of any of the slip ring industry, has a strong strategic significance. Thus, in particular, we need to be cautious investment process, be sure that the quality of dealers, loyal, core products with core distributors, for those edge products can be relaxed requirements for dealers.

Customer focus key channels
Dealer management must adhere to the bottom line of thinking, away from the three high-voltage lines: to ensure a relatively rigid price system to prevent malignant dumping; ensuring regional distribution order and prevent cross-regional, cross-channel phenomenon.

Slip ring business for those who prefer to touch the high-voltage customers, error-prone channel (wholesale electricity supplier), regional head needs heavily guarded, focus, once problems are detected timely correction, or interruption partnership.

Part of the channel need to be handled separately
For some channel distributors temporarily inoperable or is unwilling to operate, but may be far-reaching significance of the development of the regional market channels, slip rings companies need to be handled separately. For example, by attempting to community o2o, electricity providers and the like; another example, some channels although they can not get enough sales and profits, but for the overall brand image greatly enhance the value - chain image, experience stores.

In this "channel is king" slip ring industry, business decision-makers manage to have parties, dealers note the difference of treatment on different channels, to analyze specific issues, better integration of channel resources, to play an active role in the dealer channel, help Slip rings Enterprise development.