Cosmau Slip Ring In China Import and Export Fair

That Canton Fair, founded in 1957, and in 2007 was renamed the China Import and Export Fair, held every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, now has become the longest history and the highest level, China import and export fair the largest and most complete varieties, to be the most customers, with the best comprehensive international trade event in China.

2015 Fair opening on April 15, according to the exhibition range can be divided into three phases: First period: electronics and home appliances, building materials and hardware, machinery and equipment, industrial raw materials; Second period: Consumer Goods, Gifts, Home Decorations; Third period: Food and agricultural products, health care and beauty care products, gifts and decorations.

With the opening of the Canton Fair, around the world, traders and producers will come here to develop their own new market, or to find new partners. Canton category complete, powerful exhibition home strength, and many companies will develop some new products to sell to the world by means of the show, so Fair has long attracted traders of all ages.

As a leader in the domestic slip ring, in order to cater to the needs of the major buyers, cosmau Inc was invited to participate in the exhibition, and to this end made full preparations. Pre-offer, each year to participate in a major exhibition, the company will advance to invite the new and old customers to visit it, and look forward to their arrival; the contents of the exhibition, mainly to show customers production capabilities and innovative ideas of cosmau; the exhibition layout, Cosmau Market will overall responsibility for this work, we must create a comfortable environment for the customer to visit the exhibition, Cosmau company will show some new products, such as the opticl, gas, electricity hybrid slip ring and wind power slip ring.