Industrial automation and the slip ring

The use of a large part of the slip ring is used to rotate the joint portion of the intelligent, automated, and the way of the development of industrial automation control of the road, basically in the side of the introduction of complete sets of equipment while digestion and absorption, to a certain extent, on this basis for secondary development and application. Therefore, there is a rotation joint main use of foreign imported slip ring, conductive rings and other original parts, along with the deepening of reform and development, since 30 years, Industrial Control Automation Technology, industries and applications have a lot of development´╝î industrial computers and industrial computer systems integration industry has been formed. Industrial control and intelligent automation technology being developed to network and integrated.

From the perspective of the history of the world's industrial development point of view, the beginning of the 1960s, western countries rely on technological progress (ie, new equipment, conducting ring technology and computer applications) began to transform traditional industries, so that industry has been rapid development. All of these have to be at the right time, the right information in the right way to the right people, in order to make the right decisions. In China, SMEs and large enterprises to go or quasi-low-cost industrial control automation road. However, this new automated need to invest a lot of money, is a high-investment, high efficiency is also a high risk of the development model, it is difficult for most SMEs adopted. And industrial automation development speed is not fast enough, slip ring industry can not develop the particularly fast. In recent years, the focus of development in the world and gradually tilted to China, IPC in China has been very rapid development.

Intelligent automation also gradually expand the application more widely, from a global perspective, the industrial PC consists mainly of two types: IPC and CompactPCI and their texturing machine, such as industrial machines AT96 bus. The IPC will occupy management automation layer. Countries have established industrial control computer-based control system industrialization open in 2001, the industrial automation major projects, due to the high base and process automation for industrial PC's operating stability, hot-swappable and redundant configuration requirements, Existing IPC can not fully meet the requirements, the goal is development of PC-based control system with independent intellectual property rights, technological advances in these industries but also led to the development and innovation of related components, slip ring from carbon brushes entering fiber brushes, as well as the new mercury slip ring technology and other new materials,. Industrial control automation completely driven innovation of slip rings.