Mercury slip ring in the printing machinery

By talking to customers these days and found the mercury slip ring is widely used in printing machine, due to the cost of printing machinery is very expensive, and therefore, in many cases, part of the rotary joint are made of imported mercury slip ring to achieve in high-end printing machine, the cost of a piece of equipment is about a few million to tens of millions, so the cost of the slip ring only to a small part of the total cost. Printing Machinery general sense is collectively presses, binding machines, plate-making machines and other mechanical equipment and other auxiliary machinery. Because more types, these mechanical devices have different properties and uses, therefore, the composition of the mechanical structure and form of a slip ring are not the same.

In developed countries, due to the more mature high-end printing technology environment, so the quality of mercury slip ring is also very high on the high-end equipment, many devices have used the high-current, high-speed mercury slip rings, such as the widespread adoption of CTP , UV printing, waterless commercial application of technology, such print widespread use of traditional AM screening of high lines screening (over 300 lines / inch, even up to 400 lines / inch), the highest mercury slip ring currents up to 3000A, but this type of mercury slip ring, the prices are more than 5 digits, the devices are not generally used only in high-end printing equipment will be used, and in this high current and the accuracy, the human eye In general within the line of sight (about 10cm from the surface of the paper) has been difficult to distinguish the conventional 175 lines / inch or 200 lines / inch screen lines that can distinguish the network, cable, rosettes, moiré and other visual interference. Because mercury slip ring widely used, partially printed using a high-current FM screening technology, which in the 1990s appears, by the restrict of the process, printed material, it has not been widely used. But now there are a considerable number of high-definition prints began to use this technology to a higher level of fine detail, the emergence of this new technology, the mercury slip ring in the printing machine substantial growth, and because outlets distribution is random, it is because mercury slip ring applications, the rotating part can be lossless transmission of large current, traditional AM screening inherent rosettes, moire and other interference phenomena to be solved, in gradient performance It is also superior.

This is also a typical example that upgrading of slip ring to promote a device performance improvement.
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