Slip ring in military industry

With the development of economy, science and technology, the application of slip ring more and more widespread in the military field. A strong state is not just economic, scientific and technological development, but depends on the country's military modernization, and only a strong military power of the state apparatus, and to ensure the economic and scientific and technological development.

Military equipment is advanced degree of equipment, stability coefficient and practical level in the field of high-end integrated reflected. New high military equipment need 360-degree rotation and current or signal transmission in some key parts and greatly reduce the installation space make equipment work more smoothly which must be use the slip ring. Slip ring is a precision device allows signal and power transmission to achieve two opposing rotating mechanism. Particularly suitable for unlimited continuous rotation system, which reflect the slip ring not only used in industrial fields, but also for use in military equipment.

Military machinery of unprecedented quality requirements of the slip ring, manufacturing process also requires increasingly, power transmission stability requirements are also increasing. Future military machinery of development tend to automation, automated military machinery may also appear in the near future on the future battlefield. Military equipment need reliable signal and power transmission in complex environment, we must use high-quality, high reliability slip ring.

Due to the signal transmission is very precise in military aerospace, via media interference signal is very small, and require the impedance of the entire system to be as low as possible. Litter manufacturer can reach this standard. China Aerospace Center and the State Council have very strict barriers to entry and process technical requirements, while doing so indirectly stimulate and improve the technical level of China-made industrialization.

Military slip ring requires not only a stable performance, long life, maintenance-free, but also to fully meet the different military applications equipment for special requirements, such as its high level of protection, high and low temperature (-55 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃), anti-vibration, shock, high voltage, low electrical noise (less than 5mΩ), isolation greater than 60db, signal transmission loss low and so on.

Military machinery of large and wide range of applications, unprecedented quality requirements for slip ring manufacturing process also increasingly high demand, automated military machinery might arise in the near future in the future battlefield, and all activities of automation of the rotary joint military robots, must rely on the slip ring to solve, The key parts of the flexible and stable, is to obtain a direct factor battlefield initiative, which requires the slip ring manufacturing process to further improve and strengthen. Cosmau high quality slip ring in the military field, the application prospect is very extensive in the field.