Jan 05, 2012

Cosmau will carry out new control system to the seals supplier

At the start of 2012, to ensure the quality of our suppliers, we will carry out quality audit to our seals supplier, according to IR NMR, DSC, GC-MS, LC-MS, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, GPC, ICP-AES, ICP-MS, Ball softening point measuring instrument, universal testing machines to detect its performance and quality. Qualitative and quantitative, according to the components of the seal and the content of polymer materials to judge if it is we are looking for.

After entering our quality review stage, all seals must be detected, only reach the standard that can be used in our products. After analyze the composition of the seal, in its physical performance testing, mainly to test the seal tightness, pressure resistance, puncture resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. We use sensors to detect the sealing effect, look for leaks phenomenon, use imported presses to detect the pressure resistance under extreme pressure environment, puncture resistance is mainly use puncture machine to puncture test, abrasive resistance is mainly use rotary grinding wheel to test its performance, corrosion resistance mainly with a variety of acid and alkali soaked their trials.

After the above tests to manage suppliers to ensure the quality of our products, according material analysis, performance test, once they reach the standard can be the supplier of us. From the beginning of its quality accessories in strict accordance with national quality management standard ISO9000 conduct, so as to make our products have a good reputation all over world.

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