Slip Ring In Oceanographic

In order to grasp the changes in the marine environment factors for ocean development, oceanographic research to provide accurate oceanographic data, you need to be placed in the sea marine instruments, direct measurements of the marine environment factors. The Marine Instrument through the ropes mooring in the sea, you can measure and record the seabed marine data. However, the information can only be obtained at a fixed depth in the ocean Instrument seabed by mooring ropes, we cannot simultaneously measure the vertical profile data at different depths.

A sinking ocean seabed bottom-measuring device with a cross-sectional view of the drive transmission, drive winding mooring of marine instruments through underwater motor, the marine instrument moves up and down in the water, you can measure the vertical profile at different depths offshore marine data, we can achieve long-term, continuous measurement.

Bottom-ocean cross-sectional measuring device consists of a framework, underwater drive transmission and marine equipment. Frame structure includes a protective frame, structural frame and concrete base, protective frame fixed to the concrete base, within the framework provided in the protective frame. Underwater drive transmission fixed to the structural frame, including underwater motor, reducer, drum, fixed pulley and mooring. Underwater motor through reducer shaft communicating with the drum, and the drum mooring cable, the mooring line connected to bypass the fixed pulley located outside of the frame of the marine protection equipment. Mooring for the multi-core cable, one end connected with the sea instrument, and the other end connected to the water shore station. Bottom-cross-section measuring device sink in the sea, coast stations are connected via a multi-core cable transmission system is controlled underwater, underwater motor drive reducer, drive rotation of the drum, the drum winding through the fixed pulley retractable mooring marine instruments, marine instruments make up and down movement in the sea, a plurality of sensors provided on the instruments to measure the vertical profile of marine data.

Sitting ocean bottom cable cross-section measuring device connected to the transmission system of marine instrumentation and underwater drive on the drum, the drum is rotated via retractable connect with marine instruments, marine instruments to achieve the up and down motion. Thus, the other end of the cable will be connected with the transmission with the drum rotation twisting, distorting or substantially continuously may damage the cable core, the impact of signal transmission and electricity. Cosmau research and development and production of a Marine special slip ring, designed for marine instrumentation, protection class up to IP68, can be safe in waters less than 100m, a stable job, such slip ring key technology is the combination of slip ring and sealing technology, cosmau Maritime slip ring combine rotary joint sealing technology to slip ring, rotating work environment both transmission signals, but also to ensure water tightness, in the domestic manufacturers, cosmau of this technology has the absolute advantage.

Cosmau design and manufactures slip ring and rotary union for a wide range of industry applications. Cosmau's products provide reliable transfer of signal, power, fluid and gas from stationary to a rotating structure.
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