Precision Slip Ring In The Cable Winch

This technology involves the technical field of subsea pipeline laying equipment, is for transmit power and monitoring signal water between the water equipment and underwater equipment. At present, the existing domestic water jet umbilical cable laying machine to take a more coiled stacking mode, this mode occupies a large area, with a retractable need more manpower, inappropriate use in small boat operations. Way to solve this problem is to use umbilical winch, and use a winch must have a corresponding umbilical slip ring, in order to ensure power and control signals between the mother ship and underwater laying machine of the uninterrupted transmission.

Cosmau provides a high-power, multi-channel, high pressure, abrasion, and the small size, can be installed within the umbilical winch drum shaft slip ring. To achieve the above object, take the following design scheme, a water-jet precision conductive submarine cable laying system slip ring, characterized in that it comprises a sealed cylindrical housing, in the middle of the housing is provided with a conductive ring support shaft, disposed around the conductive ring with an insulating support shaft positioning plate, the insulating spacers positioning plate has a plurality of electrically conducting sheet and the insulating ring piece, set in the outer sheet of conductive rings have a brush positioning plate, in the electrical brush positioning plate fixed to the brush, at both ends of the support shaft is provided with a support bearing, is provided with a flange at one end of the cylindrical housing, the other end of the cylindrical housing is connected to the end plate, the end the board is connected to the brush holder cable gland flange plate portion is provided in the extension shaft has conductive ring support shaft ends of the connection. There are seals between the long axis of the disk and the flange portion is provided, at the outer end of the extension shaft is connected to a conduit, the conduit connected to the outer end of the stem seal on the wall of conduit connected to bladder-type compensator , in the inner cylindrical cavity and the housing is formed with an insulating silicone sheet between the conductive loop. Bladder compensation includes oil storage bags, weights and stretching bladder, said reservoir stretching bladder disposed inside the bag at the upper contact pressure with weights, at the bottom of the reservoir bag outlet conduit and the reservoir bag seat on the inlet pipe connection.

Advantage of the precision slip ring of high-power, multi-channel, high pressure, abrasion, and the small size, can be installed in the winch drum shaft, winch continuous operation, to achieve high current and high voltage 1200V weak signal (with anti-electromagnetic interference) of uninterrupted transmission, Particularly suitable for offshore winch winding and umbilical subsea equipment to achieve the mother ship for wired remote monitoring.