Slip Ring In The Polar Crane

At present, the introduction of the polar crane manipulator arm rotating mechanism are made of a flexible cable directly to the electrical device rotation mechanism and electrical equipment fixing mechanism to connect, and set the limit switch mode power supply runs at the position of the rotary mechanism 325 °. This power supply limits the rotation range of the robot arm, the operation is very inconvenient. In addition, the limit switch event of a failure, and broken cables accident prone. Cosmau provides a slip ring allows the polar crane manipulator arm unrestricted free rotation, so as to achieve convenient and reliable to operate and improve the robot working efficiency.

The ring slip in the polar crane manipulator arm rotating mechanism is composed of two parts, a rotating mechanism and fixing mechanism. In the rotating mechanism, there is a slip ring core barrel and the boom rotation drive mechanism is connected, the slip ring cartridge sequentially set several insulating ring, each of the insulating sleeve has a conductive ring, the side walls of each of the insulating ring and the slip ring cartridge with a number of corresponding to each other through holes, the flexible cable wire of cantilever electrical equipment through the through hole of slip ring core barrel and the insulation ring, connected by wire connector with the conductive ring; in fixing mechanism , there are several sets brush holding insulated rod connect with polar crane tower, each set of brushes fixed insulator rods mounted with a plurality of rotatable bodies corresponding set of conductive ring brush holder, each set brush holder installed wire brush, soft wire inside the polar crane tower by wires connector is connected to the brush holder; the brush inside the fixing mechanism and its corresponding set of slip ring always in contact state.

Due to this new supply measures are set by fixed institutions brush and rotating mechanism its corresponding conductive ring is always in contact with the state to achieve, never influenced by the robot arm rotation, so that the robot arm by a reliable rotation range of ± 325 ° expanded to ± N × 360 °, improving operational performance and efficiency of circulator crane manipulator, but also eliminates the cable broken accidents between the rotating and stationary structure.

Cosmau design and manufactures slip ring and rotary union for a wide range of industry applications. Cosmau's products provide reliable transfer of signal, power, fluid and gas from stationary to a rotating structure.
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