Slip Ring In The Speed Dome

In recent years, the gap between growing socialization, and has accumulated a lot of contradictions, in many medium-sized cities due to the particularly large number of floating population, regulatory difficulty is very large, various cases occur frequently. slip ring in the speed domeEven many colleges and universities have also been affected, in order to maintain social stability, but also to the exuberant students a good environment. Public Security Bureau and the Department of Education issued a joint notice, set up surveillance cameras in some large floating population, the environment is more complex place, the school gate, dormitories, fences and some other important places.

At the school gate, dormitories, canteens, teaching building, library, golf course, fence rails, install infrared intelligent high-speed dome camera. The data transmitted through the network control center, constant monitoring. The system is the use of current advanced digital compression monitoring systems. The system can be automated, intelligent monitoring target. Whole digital monitoring system, including the target monitoring area video surveillance, data storage, exception handling, etc., by all surveillance cameras to integrate to form a monitoring network, all the surveillance cameras are using the slip ring connections can be arbitrarily rotation.

Speed Dome also through slip rings to transmit video signals, voice signals as well as current. Currently, in some important areas are popular with high-speed dome camera, because this device with beautiful appearance, stable performance, stable signal transmission, clear picture, rotating flexible, wider field of vision, a higher level of protection and so on. Speed Dome usually advanced stepper motor and drive circuit to drive the rotation of the lens, by installing a signal, current hybrid slip ring to achieve free rotation. For a number of places such as: transportation, banks and other places, gun-type HD camera is used, the same need to install slip ring to achieve free rotation. Visible, video surveillance, as modern technology's eyes, and slip ring let eyes become active.

The high speed dome camera as the representative of the video surveillance system has been rapid development. Cosmau as the manufacturer of slip rings, development more suitable products is the responsibility of them.