Domestic Slip Ring In The International Market

With the rapid development of China's industrial modernization and the rapid rise of China's machinery manufacturing industry, domestic slip ring in terms of price, quality, workmanship, life, material, etc., we are very competitive. With the advent of the international tide, made slip ring is gradually out of the country, to the world. Only continue to slip ring development, improve the upgrade, and constantly enhance the performance of products in order to meet international demand. Compared with foreign manufacturer, we also found some problems, such as import slip ring is better than domestic material, but also quite advanced compared with the heat treatment process, high-precision CNC manufacturing, slip ring manufacturing and assembly process is more reasonable, these factors determine the long service life, of course, the price is higher. Domestic slip ring is a relatively low-end market advantage, and in the high-end market, there is still a gap, the main reason for this gap is the lack of Chinese raw materials and machining techniques.

Although our current production capacity, the scale of development faster, but technological progress is relatively slow, insufficient research and innovation, but also the degree of concentration of slip ring industry is not enough, the production can be dispersed, not economies of scale. In the case of foreign-funded enterprises continue to enter, our lack of competitiveness of slip ring technology, economic and other aspects, resulting in companies with business in foreign competition is often at a disadvantage.

Modern industrial production is mainly reflected in several aspects of the advantages of scale, standardized operation, advanced production technology, improve product inspection system and convenient logistics system, strict management controls. As well as the whole process of continuous improvement, to achieve the product cost, quality performance optimization, but also reduce costs for enterprises. Slip ring production technology mainly includes production equipment, process parameters, processing methods, manufacturing processes, product assembly and product packaging.

In the process continues to simplify the process, with machines instead of doing complete production process is a modern means to control costs, improve efficiency and enhance the quality. The importance of the slip ring in the production of modern industrial design ineffable, there have been new areas, new structures need to use slip rings. Industrial progress, will also give the slip ring industry a broad prospects for development. China slip ring industry experts point out that the world-famous company is accelerating the slip ring pace to seize the Chinese market.

Now the trend is: on the one hand has established joint ventures and wholly-owned companies continue to expand production scale, speed up the implementation of personnel and procurement localization, so that our local slip ring original business advantage no longer exist; on the other hand, stepping deep into the country slip ring industry, the core layer, partner, or holding, mergers and acquisitions. Some are still building the R & D center, a huge office and improve the distribution network. So domestic manufacturers must continue to innovate to respond to international competition.
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