Jan 20, 2010

Slip Ring Quality Control System In Cosmau Inc

A qualified slip ring product not only in the engineering design and procurement of raw materials, the production process is also very important. How to control the quality of slip ring during production in order to reduce defects, is the primary criteria for each slip ring factory to quality control. Our production staff should do the following.

Firstly, is the self-inspection awareness. Production quality control of secret decision is: Let everyone do their own products. The employees must strictly in accordance with the SOP to completion of each production process, to self-inspection, only they think is qualified, it can flow the next process or workshop, in the self-test found defective, it should be marked and separated place, waiting for the relevant staff to deal with.

Secondly, mutual inspection awareness. For the procedure or shop flow over the product, each employee needs to quickly check in front of the craft is qualified , only considered qualified, can continue to be assembled, to be found in the process or plant quality problems, to timely feedback, it also requires production personnel must understand the entire production process and the process, only if we check each other, the failure rate will be significantly reduced. Resolutely do not create bad products, do not receive bad products, do not pass bad products.

Thirdly, the special inspection awareness. Self and mutual inspection is to reduce non-performing rate to some extent, but the main inspection is done by full-time inspectors to complete, as a special inspectors, should have more strong sense of quality control, the need for slip ring assembly process supervision, point out and correct spending practices, function and appearance of the finished product should be carried out comprehensive testing, you are the last one to ensure product quality, we must have rigorous work.

In short, advanced process, strict management, professional and technical personnel is critical to product quality slip ring. Cosmau company has perfect quality management system, and what we always do is try our best to reduce faulty rate.
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