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    Innovative Design

    Break through the traditional design on the rotating,life,seal,connect mode.

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  • High Stability Standard Series

    Through bore slip ring, Capsule slip ring, Rotary Union etc,choose it from us.

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  • Applied In Many Industry

    Typical applications: Automation, Robot, Cable Reel,Security, Marine, etc

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  • Slip Rings & Rotary Unions

    Power / Signal, Pneumatic / Hydraulic Transfer

  • 360 Degree Rotating Experts

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  • Our Industry

    Applied in many industry

Slip Rings

Through-bore Slip Ring

Standard or custom through hole slip ring provides routing space for hydraulics, pneumatics or for a concentric shaft mount.

Capsule Slip Ring

Our economical campact capsule slip ring allows transfer signal and power in rotating system with limit space.

Ethernet Slip Ring

This slip ring can transmit 100M / 1000M Base Ethernet, also can combine with power and other signal transmission.

Custom Solutions

Benefit from our many years of engineering experience in the areas of slip rings and rotary unions with affordable price.

Slip Ring Union

The slip ring union is a complete media transfer system, can combine with signal, power, data, pneumatic, hydraulic transfer.

Rotary Union

Rotary unions are precision mechanical devices used to transfer media from the rotating interface.

Test Equipment

test equipment

Product test is the last step before packing,our testing devices is capable of testing to high speeds and high temperature whilst units are running, also include the electrical noise. For more exacting specfication Pandect use extremal testing facilities to test for resistance to G force,vibration and humidity if necessary. We believe strict test is the assurance of quality.


cosmau factoryCosmau was formed in 2005 manufacturing electric-mechanical components for use in automation industry and start to focus on slip ring after two years. Over the last ten years Cosmau has grown to a leading supplier of China,and developed a reputation for providing high quality slip ring systems and rotary unions for the world companies.With its commitments to quality and innovation, Cosmau is continually ... Learn more