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1080p HD Slip Rings

Cosmau provide a slip ring which can transmit 1080P digital high-definition signal, the slip ring to meet not less than the 1080P digital high-definition signal transmission, while its low production costs, high-definition digital slip ring than using fiber optic technology to reduce costs more than 80%. The existing slip ring transmission is not higher than 720P digital signal or analog signal, through fiber applications in slip ring to meet the above requirements, but because of its expensive, high-definition digital slip ring led directly to increased production costs, not conducive to high-definition digital slip ring promotion and application in civilian areas. The techniques used by the program is a digital high-definition 1080P slip ring, which is characterized by comprising a stator and a rotor, the rotor surface has a number of conductive rings within the housing, one end of the stator corresponding to a number of precious metal brush filaments, precious metal brush wire the other end in contact with the conductive ring, rotor through the bearing to limit its axial and radial movement; Inside the rotor have a rotor tube, cable sets connected via coaxial cable jack, spring set into the shell, MMCX-K connectors (coaxial RF connector) socket to the reed in, MMCX-K header connect with the pins.

The digital high-definition slip ring(1080P), wherein said pin inserted into the jack and sliding contact with the inner wall jack. It may be connected to the probe used in traffic, because of its operating characteristics required to rotate up and down, slip ring in the probe and the line connecting, the control circuit because it does not like the digital high-definition signal on the line requirements, connected to one end of the stator, the other end connected to the rotor to meet supply and control signal transmission power.

In order to achieve high-definition signal transmission, obtained by the probe shooting high-definition digital signals, including sound and image signal synchronized l forming, through the rotated contact between jacks and pins to transfer the digital high-definition signal. Cosmau overcome the prior tech cannot satisfy the slip ring transmission higher than 720P HD digital signal barriers, does not appear in the signal transmission loss of data, voice and image signals are not synchronized or graphics card frame phenomenon, the use of precious metals to meet the pin 50 million transfer. The slip ring technology, or more than 1080P HD digital signal rotary joint, while a simple structure, reducing the cost of production greatly.

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Cosmau design and manufactures slip ring and rotary union for a wide range of industry applications. Cosmau's products provide reliable transfer of signal, power, fluid and gas from stationary to a rotating structure.
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