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Application of Slipring In The Industrial Fields

As electrical components which allows transmit power and signal in the industrial rotating equipment field, slip ring got a lot of applications. Its basic principle is to use a conductive rotating mechanical parts between the rotating parts and stationary parts to transfer electrical signal or power, namely machinery and equipment 360 ┬░ continuous rotation movement is also necessary to transmit electrical signals or power, sometimes, also need to control signal source, such as a fiber optic signal, high-frequency signals, required transmission power supply, weak signals, optical signals between different energy media of any electrical components relative to the continuous rotation of the rotary communication means must be used. Conductive ring composed by the slip rings, the rotor, a stator electrical contacts and other components, which slip ring on the rotor. A conductive contact between the electrical contacts of the stator ring with the prior tech is the use of slip rings basic material properties generated by the stator itself elastic stress or stretching force of the elastic contacting slip rings, but with the above-described manner susceptible material properties, such as crystalline structure changes lead to deflation resulting in poor contact; also used directly as the carbon brushes with mechanical pressure is pressed against the slip ring, but slip rings or brushes in this way under strong pressure due to easy to wear and friction , thus greatly reducing the service life of slip rings.

Cosmau provides a simple and reasonable structure, wide application of conductive ring, in order to overcome the prior tech deficiencies. Click purpose electrical contact means the design of a conductive ring, including slip rings, the rotor and the stator electrical contact, characterized in that the electrical contact of the stator constituted by the torsion spring and torsion spring bracket, torsion spring is fixed to the first end of the torsion spring bracket, the end of the torsion spring in contact with the slip rings. A further embodiment, the slip ring is a bicyclic sleeve coaxially on the rotor, the torsion spring is two and a torsion spring mounted on the same bracket. Through the above structure, can increase the exposure of the torsion spring and slip ring of opportunity and the contact area, to better protect the electrical connection or power supply is turned on. A further program is a slip ring is set in the three-ring coaxial rotor, torsion spring three and secured a torsion spring on the same bracket. In power transmission, particularly in a large current in the transmission process, due to the general need for better conductivity metal (e.g., silver or gold) but the cost is relatively high, and by the above scheme, even with this new slip ring material is the same general achieve long-term effect of transport current, even if a torsion spring or slip ring has been worn, but torsion torque itself can guarantee good contact between the two, not only significant savings in cost and stable performance, service life increase.