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High speed slip ring meet your requirements

Slip ring is an electrical component which responsible for communicating the rotating body, transfer power and signal, and can improve system performance and simplify system structure, to avoid causing a sprained wire during rotation. According slip ring performance can be divided into high / low speed slip ring, high / low voltage slip ring, high / low temperature slip ring, high definition slip ring, weatherproof slip ring, slip-proof ring. The high-speed slip ring is an effective solution for precision equipment to transfer signal and power from rotating structure to a stationary part.

These years as cosmau has become the main supplier of slip ring, the application has used to many of manufacturing machinery and equipment, it has solved the problem of electrical wire greatly. Low production equipment operational efficiency is a common problem, not only severely restricted the development of enterprises, but also caused great waste of energy. Improve equipment operating efficiency and reduce energy consumption is an important means to improve product quality and yield, so many companies have cited high-speed operation of sophisticated equipment., if you use these common slip ring can cause equipment accident, or even result in large-scale enterprises to stop production in high speed work station, it would cause some unexpected failure during production so that cause economic loss. To this end, the slip ring manufacturers through continuous experiments developed to achieve high speed slip rings. Not only be able to ensure the reliable signal transfer, but also ensure the equipment run normally, further improve economic efficiency of enterprises.

High-speed slip ring is based on the requirements of machinery and equipment in recent years. Its demanded speed in tens of thousands of revolutions per minute or more, since the structure determines the slip ring and the size of the contact impedance when high speed, so the requirements was very high. High speed slip ring using special technology, the choice of high wear, high-life material, multi-touch contacts to ensure the power and signal transmission reliability, low torque characteristics, low loss, high stability, and long life. STR high speed hollow shaft slip ring products up to 10,000 rpm/ min, the current maximum transmission 5 amps, which can transmit up to 12 channels, maximum through-hole diameter of 38mm, continuous working time up to 8 hours per day.

With the rapid development of global economy, China has gradually become the world's manufacturing base, manufacturing is moving in high speed, high efficiency, high precision and intelligent direction, the scope of application of high speed slip rings will be more extensive. At the same time, it is very essential to improve high speed slip ring technology and manufacturing, product competitiveness to promote the development of China's manufacturing industry, and making China truly become the world's manufacturing center. High-speed slip rings and various other high-tech slip ring appeared have greatly solved the challenges of mechanical design, it is essential for industry requirements.