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Catagory of slip ring

Slip ring is essential for modern industry, which allows transmit power and signal from the stationary structure to the rotor interface. After decades of years development, the slip ring technology have improved greatly, and widely used by military and civil industry.

Different industry would have different requires on slip rings, for services the customer better, the manufacturers should classify slip ring, it will be more convenient to choose a suitable slip ring.

A slip ring can be divided into military slip rings, industry slip rings, marine slip ring and wind turbine slip rings from its functions.

The typical applications about military slip rings include FLIR systems, blade de-ice, target acquisition systems, tank turrets ; The industry slip ring also can be divided into capsule slip ring, through-bore slip ring, Ethernet and high definition slip ring, high speed slip ring etc, and typical application include robotics, packing machinery, security industry, medical equipment; the marine slip rings are designed to function in extreme marine environments; wind turbine slip ring have a variety of applications in this industry, and its require reliable transmission of power and data signals from the nacelle to the control system for the rotary blades.

From its structure, it can divide into shaft slip ring, pancake slip ring and differential slip ring. In general, the shaft slip ring is the most widely used, for example the capsule, through bore and pneumatic slip ring, and this series slip ring can transfer low voltage signal, high speed and high frequency data, high current power, filed bus signal, hydraulic and pneumatic etc. The pancake slip ring generally used for a limited space in height. Differential slip ring belong to high-end products, mainly for the military industry.

About Cosmau
Cosmau is a professional design and production of conductive slip ring company, our technology is derived from more than ten years of research to develop slip ring unit design staff. To fully understand the special requirements of slip ring material, structure, and fully meet the needs of different users in different application areas.