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Technical Solution Of Multi-circuits Slip Ring

Slip ring is a precision device which can transmit electric signals and power from a stationary to a rotating structure. Particularly suitable for applications in continuous rotation, while they need data or power transmission. A typical slip ring structure comprising a stator part and a rotor part, Stator portion includes a stator and a stator cover under cover, the stator cover with a cover wall, the inner wall of the cover is provided with a wire brush, filament wire is connected to the stator, and the stator wire signal output to external devices connected to the interface.

Since the slip ring used for signal transmission, and the slip ring needs more wires to achieve signal transmission when multipath signal is needed. To meet the multi-channel signal transmission is accurate, it must ensure slip ring for input and output port connector wires are properly connected. Now the method is use different colors wires to connect, it means according to the color of the wires to tell us the input ports to fit the output ports. On the other hand, when the wire with the wire brush or a conductive meter rings connected, in order to ensure a compact and easy to wire and external connectivity of its overall structure, need to repair the length of the wire, it will take much of time.

In summary, the disadvantage of this method as follows:
It is more likely to cause mistake between input and output ports when multi-circuit signal is available; it will take more time to assemble after the completion of the connection wire and wire brush or with a conductive metal ring. So cosmau technology is looking for a more suitable method to solve this problem in our industry, and I believe a more simpleŃÇüreliable structure would designed in the near future.

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