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How To Prolong The Life Of Slip Ring?

Currently, the slip ring have used by all kinds of industry, especially for some sophisticated equipment, because the maintenance cost was very high, so many of our customer often consult us how to extend the life of the slip ring, but a good quality was the basics, and our engineer share as follows:

1.Before purchase the slip ring, providing exact data to the manufacturers, includes: circuits, rated current/voltage, wiring, operating speed, work temperature, transmission type and other special requirements.

2.Please follow the installation instructions to install it, and avoid the current and voltage out of range during slip ring running time.

3.Avoiding long time in a high temperature or low temperature, usually the working temperature is -40~+80, out of this range, it will lead to a rapid decline in the life of slip ring, except special slip ring, such as high temperature slip ring.

4.Should be placed in a dry, non-corrosive, gases, no acid and alkali erosion places to avoid rusting of metal parts, reduce the insulation performance.

5.Preventing dust or other media erosion during storage slip ring, if the environment clarity exceed the slip ring protective level, it will harm to the slip ring.

6.Slip rings can not withstand the impact of gravity or make external collector ring deformation of its internal structure.

7.the slip ring during installation reasonable radial clearance for vibration great influence on the life of the slip ring, radial clearance work if the slip ring is increased, the slip ring load area will be reduced to the maximum rolling element load increase, thereby reducing the life of the slip ring.

In a word, perfect design, superior material, strict quality control are the basic of high quality slip ring, and the proper use methods and maintenance also important.