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Cosmau's Through Bore Slip Rings

Through bore slip ring also called hollow shaft slip ring, this slip ring require unrestricted use of mainly continuous rotation of the position where the transmission power or data from a stationary structure to a rotating interface, its manufacturing process and principles and other similar slip rings are in contact through brush bundles to transfer the current and data signals from a stationary to a rotating position.

Through hole slip ring main basic technical parameters include outer diameter, inner diameter, length, number of rings, voltage, current, maximum speed and so on. The length of the slip ring is variable and can be customized, also the circuits, current; and the OD,ID, have the standard size in this industry, for example, in cosmau, the standard through bore slip ring include STR12、STR38、STR50、STR60、STR70 and etc, the 50 means the through hole size is 50mm, and the length is changed according to the number of conductive rings.

In addition, the through bore slip ring can combine with power, signal, Ethernet, Profibus, Canopen, interbus, USB, fiber optic on request, so it is have a variety of applications in all kinds of industry. As the tech developing, Cosmau have found the way to use fiber brush as the contact material, so the reliable will be increased obviously.

In general, the structure of through bore slip ring include housing, shaft, conductive rings, conductive brushes, insulation sheet, brush carrier, precision bearing, lead wire, if the protect level is IP65 or better, need to add a sealing structure. About the housing, it is alloy aluminum with light and wear resistance characteristic; the brushes are made of precious metal, resistance high temperature, low resistance, well conductivity, none maintenance; the conductive ring is made of copper with surface plating treatment, then for surface finishing.

Through bore slip ring is the most widely used in this industry, the typical application include robotics, CNC machine, cable reel, fire truck, engineering machinery industry and a wide range of automation system.