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Slip Ring and Robotics

In 1976, the first smart industry robot was come out, its coming means a new area of industry was created. As well-known, all of the jobs are finished by people in previous, especially some toxic environment or heavy job, it would harmful to the workers. On the other hand, as the labour costs increase, more and more company feel anxiously, and if industry accident happens, the company would pay massive reparations, sometime a company would break out because of this.

As the robot come out, all of this anxious was work out. We only pay the goods fee and it will occurs some maintenance fee every year, but the total cost must be lower than workers, and the key is the work efficiency was very high. For example, the car production line, now all of the car manufacturers would vast much money to build a automation production line, and the automation capacity can top to ninety percent, so in this factory, you only see robot to work, and some maintenance or technical people, but it can product at least 240 cars in 8 hours, also can ensure the quality.

As the growing of robot market, the customer will have more requirements about the robot, so we need to improve its performance constantly.

Now one change can improve the performance of robot very much, it is slip ring. What’s slip ring?

Slip ring is a precision device which can transfer power and signal from a continuous rotary interface. In fact, its features compatible with robot very well, as you know, the robot is made of a series axis, and the axis can rotation from -2700°~+2700°,and now the problem is coming, if we need rotate 2700°, the cable or tube will be wind. So if we use slip ring, it will be perfect.

But which position the slip ring can be installed? In general, it is according to the robot applications, now the most applications is combine with robot flange, because the rotation degree in here will be large, and the through bore slip ring, capsule slip ring should be suitable for it. You can imagine if we combine robot and slip ring, you rotate everywhere that you want.