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Slip Ring and Rotary Unions

Slip ring and rotary unions or rotary joints, which has been known by most of people in electromechanical industry.

So what is slip ring and rotary joint? And is any difference between them? Can they combine with each other? Now i will show you what it is and the link between them.

A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating interface, and slip ring also called rotary electric joint or electric swivel and typical application include robotics, camera system, defense, medical devices, packaging machines and a wide range of automation system. A rotary joint also called rotary joints, rotary couplings, fluid swivels or swivel joints is a precision device which can transfer media from a stationary source to rotating machinery, the media can be water, steam, oil, gas, fluid, MQL etc, and typical application include oil & gas, defense, metal production, alternative energy, factory automation, food & beverage, construction & agriculture, plastic molding etc.

In fact, slip ring and rotary unions have many of similar aspects, both of them are used to transfer something in continuous rotation, and be applied for similar industry etc; The difference is the media, material, sealing etc, for example, the sealing for rotary joint is very important, but for slip ring, maybe not. On the other hand, in general, the rotary unions can design to endure a large range of temperature and pressure for a variety of conditions and environments.

Somebody maybe doubt, if we can add a pneumatic in the slip ring or add a power and signal in the rotary unions, the answer is yes, and we also called it as pneumatic hydraulic electric slip ring/rotary joint, it means we can combine with signal, power, gas, fluid in a slip ring, and the gas or fluid passage can top to 12, the signal and power can top to 120 circuits.

This series slip ring is flanged mounting generally, also can be through hole. And the size, circuits, passage are flexable.