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Explosion-proof Cable Reel Slip Ring

Currently, the cable reel is by collector slip ring to transmit the current from the stationary parts to the rotating structure, and the current collector common form of slip rings and slip ring brushes, brush and slip ring with two points or three points of contact, the brushes wear tight gap or electrical means swipe aging lax over time, resulting in arcing and burn slip ring. Cosmau provides a simple explosion-proof cable reel slip ring, solve existing cable reels Jane collector slip ring, brush easy to wear, resulting in a tight space or electrical means swipe aging lax, resulting in arcing and burn slip ring and other issues.

Technical solution is a simple explosion-proof cable reel slip ring, include reel case, collector slip ring, the cable reel slip ring collector with two relatively rotating slip ring, a slip ring is stationary and the other is movable slip ring, stationary parts face contact with the moving slide. Explosion-proof cable reel slip ring, collector rings are provided at both ends of the compression of static and dynamic plate spring. Stationary slip ring through stationary ring seat secured to the hollow shaft; movable slip ring seat in the hollow shaft, the outer edge of the rotating slip ring holder with a cantilevered shaft is mounted on the housing. The housing of cable reel divided into two separate cavities, explosion-proof chamber and the connecting chamber to form, the hollow shaft is provided at the terminal explosion chamber and the connecting chamber, which ends by rolling bearings mounted on both ends of the roll shell simple, collector slip ring mount on the hollow shaft of explosion-proof housing cavity.

This technique is a beneficial effect, this new slip ring, the hollow shaft is supported by two rolling bearings, each collector slip ring has a movable ring and a stationary ring, as the conversion device for main power input, through movement of the slip ring relative rotation, rotating current secure converted into relatively static current to supply power for the whole equipment. The entire collector slip ring system mounted on a hollow shaft, the hollow shaft at both ends by means of two rolling bearings fixed on the mount. The slip ring using ring face contact, to ensure that the contact area, while the slip ring at both ends with plate spring clamping, better able to guarantee a certain clamping force, so as to ensure better current transfer between the slip ring, When conducting a high voltage more stable, simple structure. In addition, you can add lubrication between the slip ring movement to make relative rotation smoother, better prolong life.