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The Capsule And Through Hole Slip Ring

There are many types of slip ring, some by application to distinguish, or according to shape to distinguish. For example: slip ring with a hollow shaft in the middle, the through-hole slip ring is also called hollow shaft slip ring. Cap style slip ring shaped like a hat, it will be defined as capsule slip ring.

Next, we will description and analysis of the difference between capsule slip ring and through bore slip ring in details. From the rated current terms, capsule slip ring of the maximum current of each loop is typically about 2 amps, not too high, too easy breakdown insulation resistance between the rings and also prone to electromagnetic interference, affecting the quality of signal transmission, signal distortion or there tends to scramble. Capsule Slip ring in practical application, mainly for high-speed ball, high-definition equipment, precision small devices, such a device is mainly used for signal and data transmission, rated current requirements will not be high. Because the capsule slip ring is mass and standardized production, so the cost is relatively low, the price is relatively cheap. Cap type slip ring in areas such as water and dust, is very limited, in general if at relatively high RH environment, you can not use the capsule slip ring, and further, the need for explosion-proof, dust-proof, etc. special occasion fields, you can not use the capsule slip ring.

Through bore slip ring is rarely standard products, mostly custom series, because each customer requirements for installing and through hole are not the same. Many of the special needs of customers, can be used through hole slip ring to achieve. The current is generally 2 ~ 20A, the number of channels can reach 120, and can transmit a variety of mixed signals, the hole size in accordance with customer requirements. Thus, through bore slip ring costs and selling price more expensive than capsule slip ring. Since the through-hole slip ring housing is aluminum alloy, it is not easy to aging, cracking, deformation, in a lot of very harsh environments, are very advantageous.

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