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Collecting, Carbon and Fiber Brush Slip Ring

Collecting ring, carbon brush slip ring and slip ring is a device to transmit power and signal by means of certain contact pressure, these three slip rings also represent the three different stages of development of the slip ring, This slip ring fitting, electrical engineer, said slip ring connectors, but these are collectively referred to as the slip rings.

Slip ring for 360 degree rotation system transmission power and signals, required by the pressure of a certain size to ensure accurate electrical signal transmission, electrical transport in this regard, with the precious metal alloys do slip ring contacts material, is the most perfect solution, The carbon brushes and collecting ring can not be compared, has unique advantages in terms of stability, this technique is also known as fiber brush technology. Such slip ring theory is maintenance-free, because the whole process of using the product is no maintenance and long service life, in billions into units.

Collecting ring, generally only suitable for a large current, it is hard-wired by copper contact pads to achieve a pressure balance, congenital and post-processing is not accurate, easy to cause wear and tear, resulting in ignition, beat cause jitters, theoretically Brush maintenance cycle is relatively long, the structure is relatively large, affordable, current market slip ring, collecting ring to be gradually replaced by fiber brush slip rings.

Carbon brush slip ring, generally suitable for high current and high-speed operation of the working environment, but brushes easy to wear, it will produce more impurities, require regular maintenance and cleaning, the general life of the carbonaceous block is used to account for hours , of course, it is the final result of the speed and get out in accordance with various aspects. Theory maintenance cycle is short, too often caused by sparking conductive toner, short circuit, beating leading to downtime, resulting in losses. The general, like the generators are several carbon block as a group use, but also to replace the loss of great stress. For example, replace the carbon brush is non-stop generator to achieve, a little discomfort is likely to lead to failure and the possibility of electric shock.

In summary, the collector ring, carbon brush and fiber brush slip rings have their own advantages, however, can fully meet the demands of today's market slip ring technology is fiber brush slip rings, such slip ring transmission stability, good electrical properties , maintenance-free, small size, these features are what everybody needs.