Technical Support

High Performance Conductive Ring

Different slip ring, processing technology is not the same,different quality level conductive ring, the processing techniques are not the same, it could cause any kind of problem between the different process? First to superfinishing, mainly refers to the good lubricating condition, the workpiece at a constant speed of rotation, while fine-grained grindstone with a constant force toward the workpiece surface and a processing method for reciprocating oscillatory motion in a direction perpendicular to the workpiece rotation. By this method can effectively reduce the waviness. Superfinishing process, when the grindstone contacts the workpiece with the conductive ring arc is greater than or equal to the wavelength of the surface waviness, we can guarantee the grindstone always acting without touching the crest and troughs, so the larger the peak contact pressure , hump was removed, thus reducing the waviness. After superfinishing, ferrule work surface contact bearing area greatly increased.

By conducting ring processing a bad situation, prone to lock or killed often occurs in the mating portion above the slip ring cover, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy materials, these metal alloy itself has anti-corrosion, when the conductive ring is locked, the pressure and heat generated between the tooth pattern will destroy the oxide layer, and then the occurrence of the phenomenon of adhesion. In general, screwed speed and strength should be appropriate, not too big or too fast, we must use torque wrench to finish this job, avoid the use of a wrench or electric wrench. Excessive speed causes rapid temperature rise caused by locked.

The capsule slip ring in this country have the same structure with import products, but vibration and noise level of these products is different with foreign products, mainly in the manufacturing and operating conditions factors. How to reduce vibration and noise caused by the production factor must be considered in conductive ring industry.

How to solve the noise of conductive ring? First, simplify manufacturing process, mainly referring to the process as short as possible, effectively reduce the impact of noise factors during process; to increase investment, improve production workshop, built a standard flow chart ; Production of clean technology, it is a system of techniques, including grinding fluid, super semen, clean fluid, air, high pressure air, the production environment; to increase the production of high-end equipment improvements, using high precision equipment and strict testing to improve the accuracy of conducting rings, reduce noise and vibration.

Only in this way, the accuracy and the quality of the conductive ring and slip ring products would reach to a new level.