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Contact Material Of Slip Ring

In the past few years, the upgrading of various automation applications prompted the continuous development of the slip ring, the traditional slip rings are generally used for current transmission as well as individual signals, with the development of communications, signal transmission rate has been small difficult to meet customer needs, and a new generation of slip rings have been major breakthroughs in this field, with long life, low impurity, transmission stability, low friction without lubrication, etc., the key point to affect its performance is contact materials Innovative.

Currently on the market there are three main contact styles, namely: composite brushes, monofilament brushes, fiber brushes. Composite and monofilament wire brush lubrication are required, and the need for regular maintenance, easy to wear during operation of generation of impurities. And both wire brush have obvious shortcomings, such as composite brushes, electrical noise during operation is relatively large, monofilament brushes can not meet the high-speed running. The new generation of fiber brushes not only inherits the advantages of the above two wire brush, on which the various deficiencies have made new improvements, such a wire brush low noise, good conductivity, maintenance-free, high temperature resistance, to meet high speed, stable transmission of high frequency signals, such as interbus, profibus, Ethernet, USB, etc.

Summing up the appeal, illustrates the contact material on the performance of the entire slip ring plays a very crucial role, some issues must be consider when choice contact materials, wear resistance, high temperature, electrical conductivity and so on. The selected contact materials should need to have several important features: wear, slip ring need a long time continuous operation, if the wear resistance is not good, it is easy to cause aging, damage and other problems, leading to poor contact signal, transmission is not smooth. The same is true of high temperature, friction and heat, rotating at high speed when the heat generated by friction can cause particularly high contact point temperature, if not high temperature resistance, contact material melts easily. Conductivity can not say more, contact area can not too large, and therefore requires a very good conductive properties.

Therefore, in the slip ring design requires a clear understanding of the customer's actual usage, careful selection of materials used in the slip ring, because it can directly affect the performance of the slip ring.