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Technical Details Of Capsule Slip Ring

Slip ring is a device allows transmit signal and power from a stationary to a rotating structure, also known as slip rings, brushes, or electrical rotating joints. Capsule Slip ring, by definition is the same shape that looks like a hat slip ring. A slip ring packed structure cap flange, mainly to cope with the customer's equipment is installed through several mounting holes on the flange, so capsule slip ring are generally outer fixed, inner shaft rotation.

MOS Series compact capsule slip ring is a standard non-rack products, each rotating contacts are using gold material, reliable quality and long service life. High operating speed up to 2000RPM, can mix different amperage and voltage, and flexible to meet the needs of different applications, the working temperature, suitable for industrial, civil and military, and other various work environments. Stator and rotor lead color-coded to simplify the electrical connection, compact design, strict quality control, MOS series slip ring provides a very smooth operation, low torque and low electrical noise. Suitable for many compact design of the structure, can be widely used closed-circuit surveillance spherical head, robots industrial areas, electrical test equipment, exhibition, point of sale display and medical equipment, but also designed the products according to the special requirements of customers.

1.MOS series slip ring : conductive ring outer diameter 22-35.5mm, number of channels up to 125 pass
2. The speed can be up to 2000RPM, some models support 10000RPM
3. Metal / plastic housing, the rotary shaft optional
4. Available different combinations of electrical passage (video, control system, sensor, power, Ethernet, etc.)
5.Leading military grade high standard surface treatment, gold on gold contacts ensure low contact resistance and long working life, particularly suitable for small and medium systems weak control signal.
Typical applications:
1. Electrical Test Equipment
2. Manufacturing and process control equipment
3. Robotics
4. Medical equipment
5. The rotary table
6. Exhibition / display equipment

Use and Installation:
1. The slip ring is designed to be installed with flange on a sleeve bracket.
2. The rotor must be with flexible connection concentrically (such as a rubber tube or spiral, etc.) Rotor lead at a certain speed can be used for this drive.
3. Screws with washers for mounting the slip ring, these washer avoid flange too tight.
4.The slip ring can not be used to bear the weight of the device it is attached, rotating equipment should be locked in order to avoid the fixed weight to the slip ring.
5. Slip ring should avoid dust and moisture intrusion. If used outdoors, you should install protective cover.
6. Protect all wires when the device is rotated surface will not be damaged, all the cable thread can not load-bearing.
7. Be careful not to hurt the wire when stripping the skin head.