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Technical Details Of Fiber Optic Slip Ring

Because of the need for communication, we have used fiber optic slip ring in many areas, which can adapt to different environments, because the fiber itself is a high-precision, high-bandwidth transmission medium.

Fiber can be divided into: single-mode fiber and multimode fiber. Rotating between the two optical fiber transmission optical signal, you must use the fiber optic slip rings. The production process of single-mode fiber slip ring is relatively simple, and the production and use of multimode fiber are very complex, and need to use a combination of multiple lenses to complete. Transmit optical signals between two rotating structure, the optical fiber slip ring is the best option. Fiber optic slip ring is widely used in all kinds of applications, small, lightweight, assembly installation are very convenient. A lot of rapid transmission occasions, are using fiber-optic slip ring as a connecting part in rotating structure.

So, what is the fiber slip ring it? Internal principles and basic structure is what like? Fiber optic slip ring is also called fiber optic rotary connector or fiber optic rotary joints, but the structure is similar. The most commonly used types of programs can solve the problem of channel rotating, and the most commonly used solution is to use a mirror sequence according to certain rules to reflect light into different channels rotates the rotary axis. In this way, a good solution to the light wave interference and mutual resonance problems, so that the light signals of different channels can complete the transfer from the fixed to the rotating shaft, do not produce noise and distortion.

The most common place of fiber optic slip rings are undersea fiber optic cable, theodolite, robotic automation equipment, undersea robots and control boat, radar and so on, as long as the need to use large amounts of data transmission applications, fiber optic slip ring is the best choice for data transmission.

In many areas, fiber optic slip rings are necessary to adapt to different environments, compare with other type slip ring, fiber optic slip ring itself has a lot of advantage. For example, it can be used in extremely harsh natural environment, several kilometers deep under the seabed, low temperature, high pressure. In the case of high magnetic current interference, but also to normal work, totally unaffected by electromagnetic, and security are particularly good, not like copper or other transmission media, through technical means can decrypt the signal transmission inside out, The fiber optic slip rings, as a fully enclosed, high-precision parts, to decrypt the signal transmission stage, the possibility is almost zero. Because the optical signal is irreversible transmission, transmission distance is particularly long, hundreds of kilometers do not need to add too much of a relay, ordinary copper wire transmission medium, because of the resistance, the attenuate is apparent, and we need to make up for the attenuation of the signal repeater, in order to properly transmit signals.

Fiber optic slip ring, do not rub, do not touch, so life is quite long, some up to 300 million turn over. Apart from some independent research institute, few manufacturer can produce this type of slip ring totally independent in domestic market. These characteristics of fiber optic slip rings, resulting in fiber optic slip ring is limited to applications where high-end mechanical automation.

With the maturity and development of future technologies, the spread of fiber optic slip rings will become a possibility. To achieve low loss fiber optic slip rings, especially at high speed, it is very difficult.