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Technical details of high frequency slip ring

Cosmau High Frequency slip ring of unique advantages, including its compact design, high crosstalk ,excellent VSWR and low attenuation loss, during rotation stable transmission and individual channels over the entire frequency range of between attenuation. Cosmau slip ring can meet the high-frequency signal transmission with 50G. High Frequency slip ring can transfer high-frequency signal from one fixed location to another rotational position, it is widely used in air traffic control or anti-missile defense of traditional radar technology, medical engineering, V-SAT and satellite communication technology, television camera system or cable tray, it can achieve sensitive conductive bundle up and not twisted together to improve its reliability.

High Frequency slip ring is a hybrid slip ring which combine high-frequency rotary joint with slip ring. In addition to achieve its functions of traditional slip ring, but also can transfer up to 500MHz-50GHz analog signals and high-speed digital signal through a high frequency rotary joint. The slip ring with high performance, its low signal transmission loss and attenuation values, has been widely used in air traffic control, the field of medical engineering equipment, satellite communications systems, video surveillance systems. Cosmau High Frequency slip ring is divided into two kinds: single-channel and multi-channel high frequency slip ring.

High Frequency slip ring provides an effective solution for large-capacity data transmission, between rotating platform and a stationary platform. Single-channel frequency can top to 50GHz, which can transmit up to 16 channels. Insertion loss less than 0.5dB, VSWR less than 1.5. This series of product simulation coaxial structure, use high strength elastic, wear-resistant, anti-fatigue alloy contact, excellent performance; while using electrical seal structure, strong anti-interference. Cosmau High Frequency slip ring has been widely used in full HD monitoring systems, radar systems.

Small size, easy installation; multi-channel signal transmission; high-speed data transmission; 50G high-frequency signal transmission; low electrical noise; Long life; anti-jamming design;

Typical applications: medical engineering; satellite communications; cable reels; radar antenna; television camera system.