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Technical Details Of Mercury Slip Ring

What is mercury slip ring?
Simply put, is to mercury as a kind of a conductive rotary joint fluid medium, is a work component. Mercury slip ring also known as mercury conductive ring, electrical rotating conneector.

Mercury slip ring features
Compared to other slip ring, since the medium is a fluid, creating a compact structure, small size characteristics, it is perfect in the field of special non-small precision instrument. Due to the characteristics of mercury, it is no wear, longer life than the other slip ring when rotated, it is very appropriate for unlimited rotating system. Since the rotating part without complex mechanical structure makes the products more reliable maintenance-free, no noise, high speed, low signal distortion, low contact resistance, passing large current. With the above these features, benefits mercury slip ring makes it very attractive and competitive products. Although expensive, but have a place in many areas.

Mercury slip ring applications
Mercury slip ring wide range of applications! From traditional industries to new industries, from the civilian sector to the military industry, mercury slip ring has played an important role. Mercury as a material we all know, is a good conductor, compared with other materials, such as copper, its conductivity performance is well, because it is liquid, the shape can be freely changed, therefore compare with other material, it is more applicable on some special situation, can say that the traditional slip ring can be applied in the case of mercury slip ring can be competent, the only downside is the cost of mercury slip ring is relatively expensive, so the market price is higher than the slip ring a big cut, used in higher-end devices (such as a hospital CT) is more appropriate. Superconducting experiments have use of mercury, it is used to implement the transfer of the conductive weak signal, such as a thermostat box also mercury conductive sheet temperature and the like. Because mercury is a liquid, but also conductive, so pass inside the slip ring signal and control current is very suitable, more suitable for conventional slip ring incapable of areas, such as high speed, low impedance, low interference and other occasions.

Mercury slip ring installation
For the small size and high precision mercury slip ring, its fixed is a very difficult problem, so what is correct and reasonable installation of mercury slip ring? First mercury slip ring is fixed to one end of the rotating shaft, coaxial with the axis of rotation will affect the life of the slip ring; Secondly, mercury slip rings at both ends can be rotated, which head can be fixed, and be sure to use the terminals provided by us with the slip ring, which can guarantee the life, must not lead directly welded to the slip ring post. If you have problems in a particular installation process, you can contact the mercury slip ring vendor's technical support or customer service representative of cosmau help you to install and debug.