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Details Of Multiple Passage Rotary Union

What is a multiple passage rotary union? The current definition is designed to work independently with multiple channels on the same connector do not interfere with each other called multi-channel rotary joint, multi-channel rotary joint has powerful features, you can also import different media, such as water, steam, oil, air, vacuum, cutting fluids, chemicals, acid and alkaline fluids, and different media can circulate from the side or top of the hole according to the operating conditions, it is widely used in papermaking equipment, printing machines, CNC work table, rubber equipment, continuous casting machines, iron and steel industry-specific equipment, chemical equipment, plastics manufacturing equipment, petroleum exploration equipment, etc., in a plurality of rotating platforms, both through multi-channel rotary joint to achieve.

With industrial development, now multi-channel rotary unions at the high end automation equipment, aerospace equipment, industrial robots, solar equipment, has been widely used. Performance of the structure and parameters of multi-channel rotary union has strict requirements, so for the current rotary joint manufacturers, in order to meet the needs of these high-end areas, investment in research and development of new rotary joint is necessary. Multiple rotary union little standardized product, are generally designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Also known as multi-channel rotary joint also called through hole rotary union, the number of channels can be set up according to the work requirements, such as 2 channel, 3 channel, 4 channel, 6 channel series and so on, each channel can operate independently and do not interfere with each other, through the rotor and the stator to complete the media transmission. This unlimited continuous rotation of the rotary joint has a strict basic parameters and sealing performance, the basic technical parameters mainly include the connector thread size, pressure, temperature, diameter size, speed, and so the sealing performance including leaks, leaks liquids, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant. Basic technical parameters of multiple rotary joint, the rotor diameter and the minimum length is determined by the size and number of channels, and the channel size is mainly based on the diameter of the threaded joint, and because the multi-channel connectors meet the requirements of kind of media, and sometimes may require a relatively high number of parameters, such as speed 1000rpm, temperature 400 ┬░, high pressure 100mpa, corrosive media, etc. These parameters determine the tightness of the rotary joint, also determine the material when in use, included the cost.

Number of multi-channel rotary joint passage from 2 to 16 passage, different requirements and number of passage, prices vary greatly, so the manufacturing process, the number of passages, the more complex manufacturing processes. To run better at high speed, under high pressure, high temperature, must imported bearings and seals, two high-precision bearings support the rotor smooth and efficient work, this structure can reduce the internal friction coefficient, the seal is developed from polymer materials, high temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, its never discouraged. High-pressure mechanical seal balance technology at end face, so that the internal structure can ensure concentricity, can greatly reduce internal friction, thereby extending the life of the rotary union.