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Mechanical And Hydraulic Seals

The same is applied in the rotary union seals, many customers are considered a seal between the two is, in fact, there is a big difference between the two. Mechanical seals are very precise in construction, it belongs to the mechanical structure of the original complex, mainly used in key parts of the rotary joint, pumps, compressors and motors. Installation methods, accuracy and matching device model are determined use of effects and life mechanical type seal.

Hydraulic-type seals use to decide based on the pressure in the installation to ensure the installation surface to have the finish. The vast majority of seals, rubber production itself, when in use to ensure the sealing effect by changing the shape of the seal.

Due to the type and degree of use of different seals, in the procurement and maintenance, often can not choose to fit seals. Here's how to be able to purchase the right under seal:
1. Check the direction of movement of the seal, a rotary or fixed, and so on.
2. Note that seals the working environment in which temperature, according to the temperature to purchase the correct seals.
3. Check the working pressure seals, pressure range by selecting the seal material, structure and so on.
4. Parts after use will be worn, deformed, then if in accordance with the design size to buy seals, are often unable suitable for installation, it should be according to the current size of the measure, then the size of reference were designed to buy to improve the accuracy of the rotation.