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Differnetial Connection ELectrical Slip Rings

The slip ring adapted to be connected device, electronic signal transmission line technical field, to a line end fixed and the other end of rotation of the differential electrical connections slip ring. Since conventional differential slip ring brushes with the slider relative rotation of friction to produce carbon dust that adhesion on the collector disc, the carbon dust could easily lead to the insulation resistance of collector disc drops, or even short-circuit, seriously burned slider.

Cosmau solve existing prior tech carbon brushes with the slider friction attached to the plate technical problem, provide a differential electrical connection rings. The new differential electrical connection rings, which includes a differential mechanism, ring core, upper and lower case, shaft, base and brush, and the shaft is fixedly connected to the upper housing, the lower housing is fixedly connected with the base, the ring core located in the upper and lower casing internal, fixed on the tray, ring core composed of collector tray and the slider which fixed to the circumferential surface of the collector tray, the slider on the disk connected by corresponding wire cable; the key point is in the circumference of the disc provide straight up and down groove between the two adjacent slider, between two adjacent collector disc with a spacer ring. The grooves on the circumference of the collector tray by notches and lumen composition, consistent up and down the slot width, the point is to narrow the lumen and the notch is big of the grooves, the grooves gradually increases from top to bottom cavity, it was horn.

Because between the upper and lower plate with a spacer ring, and therefore, the carbon dust by brush and slide friction will not fall from the upper disc to the lower disc, in addition, the surface of the collector disc has a groove, since the groove notch was narrow and large lumen, the lumen was horn, the carbon does not adhere to the insulating surface of the groove, but fell below the spacer ring. The new slip ring brushes solves the prior tech with the slider friction, carbon dust adheres to the collector disc of technical problems.

About Cosmau
Cosmau was a technology-oriented, specializing in high-end slip ring of high-tech research and manufacturing enterprises,a strong technical team and R & D investment, and nearly 20 years rich experience in the industry, always maintain the industry leading position, to become the provider for ultimate scheme of various high-end, complex demanding of slip rings.

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