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Effect of Temperature and Humidity

Wind turbines are outdoors long-serving, large and complex equipment, often suffer from the impact of temperature and humidity environment. After the temperature of the power generating equipment to humidity test (mainly high and low temperature and humidity chamber or conduct), its impact is mainly as follows:

1.The temperature
Parts of the wind power plant is used, the material may soften at high temperatures, performance degradation, characteristic changes, potential damage, oxidation. May also occur at a low temperature cracking, embrittlement, the movable member stuck, characteristics change and other phenomena, in addition, at low temperatures, the air density increases, it will cause the motor to stall group particularly increased air unit rated output, overload phenomenon; but also cause structural damping characteristics of wind turbine blades and other changes, the vibrations increase, resulting in structural failure of the blade edge and cracks. When the temperature is significantly below zero, the wind power plant water vapor freezes will cause serious harm, such as ice will change the shape of the blade thus reducing wind energy utilization coefficient, icing on the leaves may fall off if they are warmed smashed fan parts and so on. China's wind energy resources are mainly concentrated in the northern (northeast, north, northwest) regions and the southeast coast, lower average temperature three northern regions, particularly cold winter, need special attention Chilling on the wind power plant. January 20, 2010, one of the reasons the fan collapse accident Datang Zuoyun wind power project is the tower of the flange of the low temperature impact toughness far less than the national standard requirements, distorted drum tower segment deformation occurs in the middle part of the wind turbine shake off the ground, and all broke.

Humidity is not only caused by towers, blades, nacelles, slip ring of wind power equipment and other external components important factor in the occurrence of corrosion or aging, while the various components inside the fan will also be affected, for example, can lead to resistance and thermal properties of the insulation material electrical components decreased, causing reduced performance electronic components, conductive slip ring significantly affected. In addition, wind power equipment running under the sea, humid areas of high humidity environments, condensation can occur inside the cabin phenomenon, which tends to cause a short circuit of electrical components. However, it is worth noting that, in a wind power plant is running is not necessarily humidity as low as possible, for example, high temperature and low humidity environment prone to static and other problems that may affect the normal wind power generation equipment, stable operation.