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Precautions For Explosion Slip Ring Mounting

Various functional of explosion slip ring are similar to conventional conductive ring, so the installation can refer to ordinary slip ring, and also the following sections require special attention.

1. Explosion slip ring environment:
Explosion slip ring use environment must consistent with the specified environmental of slip ring, the specified environment includes the actual work environment. Otherwise, explosion-proof structure cannot ensure safe work beyond the work environment.

2. Leads wire layout of explosion slip ring:
Explosion-proof slip ring cable lead apparatus must comply with the requirements of GB3836, Cosmau's explosion-proof slip ring leads devices are using the explosion-proof packing, and in strict accordance with explosion-stuffing operation. When customers use the other end of the lead and the environment must be adapted to the cable outlet device, access the corresponding explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof motors or other device.

3. Cable protection of explosion-proof ring:
The leads wire of explosion slip ring must be protected well, away from the crush may occur, pinch or other cables may destroy the epidermis. At the same time takes away from heat, corrosive environments, avoid wire damage of explosion-proof slip ring, resulting in the power cable short circuit, grounding and other serious security risks.

4. Explosion slip rings must be used to meet the requirements within the temperature range: Explosion slip ring temperature, depending on the temperature of explosion-proof environmental requirements and their own situation, and undergo a rigorous experimental testing. If you exceed the prescribed temperature, case temperature beyond ignition temperature of explosive substances, leading to an explosion safety problems, while exceeding the temperature may cause slip ring internal structure is deformed, light the impact of electrical performance, while leading to a slip ring completely damaged.

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