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Technical details of explosion slip ring

Explosion slip ring generation
In order to prevent the increasing production safety accidents, especially industrial manufacturing plant, the requirements of a variety of devices increasingly originals, so more and more products need to have explosion-proof certification, slip ring as one of the main parts of the manufacturing equipment is no exception.

Explosion slip ring description
The so-called explosion slip ring is to have proof certified slip ring. Cosmau companies make unremitting efforts to design a slip ring specifically designed for potentially explosive environments, this slip ring has a high reliability, high degree of protection features, the structure ensures that when its work in an explosive environment, It will not become an explosion hazard.

Explosion slip ring features
The current explosion slip rings are generally accepted custom, Cosmau companies, according to the explosion-proof rating, number of channels and other technical parameters designed a suitable product for you.
Meet explosive fumes, explosive dust atmospheres;
Reach the level of protection IP68;
Fully comply with national standards and have access to the domestic authority issued proof certification;
Optimized structure design ensures high speed, still with reliable safety performance.

Why choose explosion slip ring
In the explosion danger, often exist chemical corrosion, salt spray and other special factors, the impact of these factors will not only destroy the electrical and mechanical properties of the slip ring, more serious is the damage slip ring explosion safety performance, shorten Explosion safe life of slip ring. The slip ring is realized by conducting the relative friction between the conductive contact, and therefore can not be avoided in principle spark, conventional slip ring is usually only focus on electrical performance, and protection aspects was weak, so using non-explosion type slip ring would be a major security risk for explosive environments.

Typical applications
It is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical equipment, military, explosive fumes, explosive dust situations, etc. Attentions:
Explosion slip ring not only to ensure the safety and quality explosion in the manufacturing process, but also to ensure the installation, use and maintenance properly, can really achieve the purpose of proof. That being said, both the explosion slip ring manufacturing quality and installation, maintenance of the slip ring are important. If the selection, installation and maintenance are improper, the hidden dangerous would be more dangerous than non-explosion electrical slip ring.