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Five Factors Affecting Slip Ring Service Life

The overall structure of the slip ring
For the convenience of customers in the slip ring during installation better use of slip rings, engineers install the device according to the type of the slip ring with different structures: capsule slip ring, through hole slip ring, separate slip ring, disc slip ring.

Customers can custom slip ring according to the requirements of different options, due to the different structure conductive slip ring, so the use of life is also different, which restructured through hole slip ring life will be longer.

The use of conductive slip ring material
As we all know, slip ring during operation, the stator and the rotor is transmitted by rubbing. So the wear resistance is very important, precision slip ring under normal circumstances the use of precious metal alloy wire brush, wear resistance, good conductivity. For the insulating materials imported raw materials, which will help ensure that the insulation properties. For housing portion, using high-quality aluminum alloy or stainless steel, good strength, it can be made strong.

Assembly process of slip ring
Customized slip rings first asked to ensure completeness, correctness in the design, product design, process analysis of the structure of the product, a clear relationship between the slip ring assembly and installation of equipment. Second is to ensure the quality of the premise of the slip ring, and strive to improve their quality of life. Finally, the slip ring parameter detection can better reflect the overall performance of slip ring found to solve the problem in a timely manner, the detection parameters include appearance structure detection, slip ring normal life detection, static contact resistance, dynamic contact resistance, insulation resistance Dielectric strength and friction torque detection.

The operating speed of slip ring
Slip ring itself without speed, small torque itself, rely on mechanical equipment drive slip ring is rotated. Machinery and equipment according to customer operating speed and slip ring internal structure and performance characteristics, different structural types of slip ring working speed is not the same as in the use of slip rings require mechanical equipment operating speed is not greater than the slip ring set the speed, otherwise it will affect the slip ring life. For slip rings of different sizes, at work are a direct friction ring road and wire brush, in the same operating speed, the corresponding line speed is different, the greater the wear on the ring road, the greater the slip ring , relatively speaking, life is also greatly reduced.

Use the slip ring environment
Although life with the manufacturers of slip ring production technology and production materials have a great relationship, but in a lot of time, the use of slip rings correctly or not also determines the longevity of the slip ring, in general, use and Maintaining an appropriate slip ring life in 5--10 years, on the contrary, if a long time in the wet, slip ring of high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments use greatly reduce the life expectancy is short. So when we use slip ring best placed in ventilation, away from high temperature, high pressure place, thus avoiding unnecessary waste and the operation of the normal maintenance of the equipment.