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Generator Slip Ring And Grinding Devices

Power rotor slip ring wear is an important aspect of the motor of routine maintenance, the conductive ring surface smoothness is the key factor of brush life, the brush temperature, conductive properties. If the conductive ring surface roughness, there are sunken or protruding will cause serious wear and tear, reduces the conductivity and insulation properties, causing the motor prone to failure. In response to these high-power motor rotor slip ring wear problems, domestic electrical maintenance personnel to use artificial sanding methods to maintain the slip ring, the shortcomings of this approach is that the only guarantee partial conductive ring surface is smooth, cannot ensure that the overall slide ring surface is smooth, and the use of artificial polish polished manner, the roundness of the slip ring cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the large motor slip ring wear problems, we need to power artificial grinding, time-consuming and laborious, but cannot guarantee the quality polished.

Cosmau provides a high-power motor rotor slip ring grinding, it can ensure that the overall surface of the conductive ring smooth, guarantee roundness of the slip ring and improve the grinding quality, reduce maintenance costs, save time and effort, convenient and practical. Power rotor slip ring, comprising a magnetic base, universal arm, grinding stone, the end of universal arm is fixed to the magnetic base with curved mounting bracket on the end of the universal arm, the curved mounting bracket have several millstone. Universal arm and curved mounting bracket are made of an insulating material, on the side of the grindstone is flat, the contact surface is a curved surface, the magnetic base is provided with an internal cylinder, the cylinder is provided with the middle bar permanent magnet, the end face of the cylinder is provided with turning the handle, the rotatable cylinder within the magnetic base along the central axis, the bottom of the magnetic base of soft magnetic material. Grindstone mount on a holder device, the grindstone clamping device includes an curved frame, clips, hooks and adjustable retainer, lower curved frame comprises around two, central through connection connected to the shaft, the upper through the shaft connected with the upper frame, pressure plate disposed at the end of the curved planes of contact with the upper millstone side, adjustable retainer set in the connection lower curved shaft, hooks provided on the upper curved frame, connected with adjustable retainer.

The new high-power motor rotor slip ring, overcoming partial surface is smooth, the overall roundness cannot be guaranteed and polished low efficiency. Has the following advantages: in the case of low-speed operation of the motor grinding work to complete slip ring surface, without the need for manual polishing; in addition, the use of universal arm according to the different types of height and curvature of the slip ring motors to adjust the universal support position of the arm, so that the curved mounting bracket to better parallel to the slip ring surface; Universal curved arm and mounting bracket are made of insulating material, can ensure that the insulation between the slip ring and the base, but also to ensure that the adjustment angle of grinding device, the operator will not shock; grindstone and slip ring contact surfaces with curved surfaces, curved surfaces effectively avoid damage to the slip ring in the grinding process; and thanks to the magnetic base, so more convenient to facilitate fixed rotor slip ring grinding device, and no need damage the motor base or secured housing when installation.