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Generator Slip Ring Maintenance

For some large generating units, each year the unit and slip ring of regular maintenance and routine maintenance is very important, and this important to ensure equipment is operating correctly, operating efficiency and production safety. In the slip ring unit, the brush part often appear more problems.

Slip ring brush holder usually need to do insulation defect detection, if the insulation resistance and AC voltage insulation performance degradation legend risk already exists. The main reason is due to the oil spill slip ring and the dust generated by the friction in the long run contaminating the surface of the insulating material, and the resulting decline in insulation performance, damaging its slip ring very large and difficult to remove.

Maintenance brush holder member, electric power companies in general are often used to track the use of advanced constant brush, can be removed from part of the spring pressure adjustment at the time of inspection. But pay attention to the abnormal state of fatigue, loss of elasticity of the spring, once this occurs, it will cause poor contact with no enough pressure, may cause ignition phenomena on the slip ring, damage the surface. So spring fatigue need to pay close attention to during the repair process.

Slip ring units at work when temperatures are 30-50 ┬░ running around, once the temperature abnormality occurs, the internal parts may be defects. Here it is necessary to pay more attention to the usual for timely processing. Regular maintenance internal structure of conductive slip ring, when there is no rotation of jamming, the insulating member has not been pollution. Attention to detail should be in place, so that all deficiencies in the maintenance of the elimination, in order to make long-term stable operation of the generator set.

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