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High Current Rotor Slip Ring

Electric rotary slip ring is an electrical connector allows signal and power transmission in rotating state, during rotation, the cable for transmitting signals and power supply does not occurs twisting damage. The main constituent members of rotating electrical slip ring include conductive ring and brushes, using the relative rotation of the sliding contact between the conductive rings and brushes to complete the transfer signal and power dynamics. Electric rotary slip ring structure depending on the occasion and transmission of the current size and there is a big difference. The conventional large current slip ring, comprising a hollow slip ring shaft, equipped with cable connector, axis of ends with a support frame, slip ring assembly between the bearing supports the shaft and the support frame, between the two bearings are arranged alternately the insulator and the electrical slip rings, for insulation coordination between the conductive ring and slip ring shaft, the conductive ring peripheral respectively provided corresponding brush, brush was chip, insulated mounting plate fixed to the brush, the brush is pressed against the end of the elastic surface of the conductive ring.

Since the connector is a high-current transmission, and to conductive ring brush should have a certain carrying capacity, it requires a certain contact width between the two, because the contact surface of the connector conductive rings and brushes are wider contact surface, to ensure that the contact between the two in the width direction of the whole, not only requires the two to achieve high shape accuracy during machining, and assembly of the brush is higher location accuracy requirements, and processing assembly difficulty is greater, is bound to affect the cost and efficiency; and brush must be greater pressure against the surface of the conductive ring, even so, brushes and slip rings cannot be the whole reliable contact in the width direction, the inevitable the existence of local poor contact, resulting in a greater amount of heat during operation, thus affecting the transmission performance; in addition, this whole structure results in contact with the brush of uneven wear will shorten the life of the brush.

Cosmau provides a large current rotary slip ring, in order to solve the conventional slip ring large current major problems in the use of heat. To achieve the above object, the following technical solution: include slip ring shaft, the shaft alternately slip ring and slip ring insulator, insulation coordination between the conducting rings and slip ring shaft, the brush device comprises a busbar and brush beam, brush bundle composed of a plurality of highly elastic brush filaments, each brush bundle conductively connected with the busbar, the working end of the brush bundles are in elastic pressure contact corresponding electrical slip ring surface, with the formation of the rotary slide contact mating, this contact way can avoid insufficient of surface contact greatly.